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Welcome to Bioativos

Flavor, aroma, color and well-being straight from nature


Solutions in Research and Development and Product Manufacturing


Research and Development

Harnessing an integrated pipeline, Bioativos pioneers in researching and developing plant-based ingredients through sustainable technologies. Elevate your formulations with our tailored support, optimizing performance and ensuring compliance with market regulations and demands.


Special Ingredients

Explore sophisticated options for high-quality products. They are concentrated and high value-added, with an extended shelf life. Exhibiting distinct biological attributes, superior to conventional ones. A premium choice for those seeking excellence in every detail.


Industrialization of ingredients

Unlock the potential of your business with our industrial solutions tailored for those in search of private label ingredients and products. Gain access to raw materials without the constraints of licensing, collaborate on developing exclusive products with market partners, and seamlessly transition to sustainable technologies. Elevate your business and carve your niche in the competitive market.

About Us

Our Story Begins

In 2014, with the vision of becoming the first Brazilian company to integrate various green technologies into the concept of an advanced biorefinery, Bioativos embarked on an innovative journey. From the outset, our journey has been characterized by innovation, sustainability, and the harnessing of the untapped potential of Brazil's rich biodiversity.

Years of research focused on sustainability and upcycling led us to develop processes that allow us to transform renewable raw materials into high-performance ingredients without generating waste. Every raw material we use is converted into sustainable products, fulfilling our commitment to a zero waste approach.

As we refined our processes and paved new paths in the bioeconomy, our unique approach began to gain recognition. The year 2017 marked a turning point in our history when we received national and global acclaim. We were honored by ABDI for our innovative project in partnership with Natura and recognized by the UN, where we had the privilege of showcasing our innovations.

In 2020, faced with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected global health and the macroeconomy, Bioativos took bold steps to evolve into an ingredients industry. This audacious move aimed to launch products developed over the previous years since its inception. The transformation not only signified an adaptation to challenging times but also a firm commitment to sustainable innovation.

By 2022, the company obtained all necessary authorizations to operate, demonstrating its compliance and regulatory commitment. In 2023, Bioativos achieved a significant milestone by successfully passing a compliance audit conducted by a company listed on Brazilian and international stock exchanges.

This recognition not only reaffirms the excellence and sustainability of Bioativos products but also highlights its potential for leadership in the global bioeconomy.


Our Value Proposition

Environmental | Social | Governance

Utilizing green technologies and conscious innovation, we present distinctive sustainable products. Our goal is to swiftly offer manufacturers, consumers, and the broader market access to innovative solutions for high-performance ingredients and products. Originating from renewable resources and sustainable processes, our offerings are in sync with the circular economy, meeting the highest international standards of quality and social responsibility.


Our Strategy

Innovative | Sustainable | Efficient


With certifications from FAPESP, CNPq, SENAI, and FINEP, we harness the abundant Brazilian flora to create top-quality natural ingredients.

Commitment to

With a strong focus on zero waste and the utilization of 100% renewable raw materials, our efforts demonstrate our commitment to supporting the sustainability of our planet.



Achieving up to a 90% reduction in new product development time, we lead with agility and excellence.


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